No.1 Balti in the Midlands

We're regular visitors to your restaurant, sometimes as part of a large group with work colleagues. You always do your best to accommodate us all, the food arrives quickly and is always hot. Although we usually have trouble finishing it all! You're certainly our favourite social hotspot!

Lauren M
Brilliant food and great service had everytime i have been there. I am a very regular customer and wouldn't go anywhere else for a balti.

Lorraine B
Outstanding meal well looked after by ALL staff. Food was excellant. Don't miss this experience it is a must to visit.

As always, the food was of the hightest quality. There isn't another balti house in the area to compete with Blakeys on service or value for money.
This is without doubt THE best balti restaurant in the Midlands ! !

Thank you Blakey
My wife and I have been going to Blakeys for at least 5 years. Its not exactly on our door step, about a 10 mile journey, however its well worth the trip. We still look forward to going as much as we did in the early days. Blakey makes the same effort with regulars as he does with new customers. He and his staff pay a lot off attention to detail and make you feel welcome. Over the years we have taken friends and relatives who have always enjoyed the evening.The menu is extensive and the food is always excellent. Thank you Blakey for making every visit special.
Adrian & Heather Williams

Praise for Blayey's
Thank you for the excelent meal I had with my colleagues from Leukaemia CARE. The food was superb and the staff were very attentive and helpful.
I must congratulate you Blakey on the decor, cleanliness and general ambiance of the restaurant.
Thank you for supporting Leukaemia CARE.

Submitted - September 22nd - 2011 - Pat Frank

Full of Eastern Promise
Blakey’s Eastern Promise is located on the Black Country’s Lye High Street. On a warm Wednesday evening, when most of the other restaurants on the street were looking very quite, Eastern Promise was packed with couples, friends and families, all of whom were enjoying the Bangladeshi cuisine while a line of people waited for a table.

Eastern Promise is this year celebrating a highly successful ten years of trade. During this time the restaurant has won several awards from The Good Food Guide. For starters, we were treated to an assortment of the tastiest Indian treats I've ever sampled, including a lemon stuffed with chicken tikka. The chicken oozed through the lemon, creating a wonderfully zingy flavour. This was accompanied by an orange stuffed with king prawns in a thick tomato sauce. Delicious!

My ultimate favourite starter is king prawn on puree (£3.95), and the one I had at Eastern Promise was definitely the best I've ever tasted. The puffy bread was sweet and light, and the prawns inside were juicy and succulent. We also tried the Machli Fry (£3.50), which is a Bangladeshi sweet water fish, a delicious and lightly spiced starter. I will definitely go back for more of that! Moving on to the main course, we were presented with several different dishes, accompanied by pilau rice and a trio of naan breads. The highlights were the garlic Sicillian (£8.95), a chicken dish cooked with roasted garlic, onions and peppers, with a sweet chilli sauce topped with mozzarella cheese. Simply delightful! If your normal favourite is a korma, then I'd suggest trying the amdhani murgh (£8.95) - a very sweet and thick yet refreshing dish that's made with a mango sauce. I would also recommend the chicken dupiaza (£5.00) and the balti chicken tikka sagwala (£6.50). Both classics, and still as tasty as ever!

All the staff were very attentive and helpful, with Omar in particular explaining what each dish contained and the origins of the food. He certainly knows his stuff! Sunday to Thursday you can enjoy four courses for £10.95, an option which makes a trip to Lye well worthwhile. Blakey’s Eastern Promise isn’t just any old Balti House; it’s simply the best! ***** Reviewed by Vicky Price, July 2011
Source: What's On (Midlands) Magazine